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Telal East Compound In the Fifth Settlement

Experience the Luxurious Telal East Compound In the Fifth Settlement

What Makes Telal East Stand Out?

Waterfront Wonders:

Revel in the beauty of nature with Telal East’s breathtaking panoramic views overlooking pristine crystal lagoons. A haven for those who adore waterfront living.

State-of-the-Art Sports Facilities:

At Telal East Compound, fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a myriad of sports facilities. From an outdoor gym, a kayak marine, a parkour arena, to a yoga lawn. And for those seeking serenity, the botanical gardens are a sanctuary for meditation and relaxation.

Culinary Adventures on Fine-dining Island:

For gourmands, Telal East New Cairo boasts an exquisite fine-dining island, home to celebrated restaurants presenting a range of global cuisines.

Exclusive Camping Island Adventures:

At Telal East, experience camping like never before. Families can embark on camping adventures in a state-of-the-art setting, all within the compound’s borders.

Delve into Telal East’s World:

Crafted by Roya Developments, Telal East Compound In the Fifth Settlement sprawls over an expansive 184 acres, manifesting luxury at every corner. The compound brims with top-notch amenities like a commercial district, outdoor cinema, events zone, cycling track, and vibrant kids’ areas. Dive deeper into its lush landscapes, discover waterfalls, hammock zones, an amphitheater island, and even a boat house.

Telal East New Cairo embodies a peaceful living ambiance, seamlessly merging with nature and catering to the holistic well-being of its residents.

Prime Location of Telal East New Cairo:

Strategically nestled between New Cairo and the New Capital, Telal East Compound’s prime position is accentuated by its proximity to landmarks like iCity New Cairo and Palm Hills New Cairo Compounds. Accessing Telal East is a breeze via the Middle Ring Road.

Moreover, its strategic location ensures:

  • A mere 2-minute drive to Suez Road.
  • A quick 10-minute commute to the AUC New Cairo Campus.
  • Just 15 minutes to Cairo International Airport.

Diverse Property Choices in Telal East:

For those seeking an “Apartment for sale in Fifth Settlement”, a “Duplex for sale in Fifth Settlement”, or a “Villa for sale in Fifth Settlement”, Telal East offers a diverse range of property options. From lavish sky villas and townhouses to opulent standalone villas, Telal East caters to every discerning taste.