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Palm Hills Katameya Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Experience Luxury Living at Palm Hills Katameya Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Key Highlights of Palm Hills Katameya:

A Touch of Unique Design:
The residential units at Palm Hills Katameya Compound, Fifth Settlement, have been masterfully designed to offer diverse spaces. Notably, every unit is seamlessly integrated with green landscapes, allowing residents to indulge in serene views. The renowned architect, Shehab Mazhar, deserves accolades for this exquisite real estate vision.

Overview of Palm Hills Katameya, New Cairo:
Palm Hills Katameya stands as a hallmark of luxury in New Cairo. Developed by the esteemed Palm Hills Development, this compound promises spacious living quarters and unparalleled amenities. Sprawling across 110 acres, the compound artfully blends residential spaces with verdant landscapes and water features. Here, every amenity, whether essential or recreational, has been thoughtfully incorporated for the residents.

Prime Location in New Cairo:
Strategically located in the Fifth Settlement, Palm Hills Katameya Compound boasts proximity to Cairo’s major landmarks:

  • A mere 15-minute drive to the prestigious American University in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Conveniently 15 km away from Cairo Airport.
  • The vibrant new administrative capital can be reached in just 5 minutes.
  • Situated close to the ring road, ensuring ease of commute.

Diverse Residential Options:
For those seeking an Apartment, Duplex, or Villa for sale in the Fifth Settlement, Palm Hills Katameya offers a plethora of choices. Stand-alone villas dominate the residential scene, occupying 80% of the total built-up area. The remaining 20% caters to upscale apartments, while recreational facilities enrich the rest of the expanse.

In essence, Palm Hills Katameya Compound in the Fifth Settlement emerges as a haven of luxury and comfort, making it the ideal choice for those yearning for an elevated lifestyle.