Project name:  Wintar.

About the project: It is one of the most distinguished new tourist resorts located in the city of El Alamein, with all the recreational and basic services necessary to attract investors and visitors.

Winter Location: El Alamein City, in front of the famous El Alamein Towers.

Winter New Alamein space: 37 acres.

Units Space: it starts from 57 square meters.

Units’ types:  chalets of various shapes and sizes.

Units prices in Winter: start from 2,800,000 EGP.

Real estate developer name:  New Generation Real Estate Development Company.

Payment systems within Winter Resort: There are various payment systems starting from a 5% down payment and up to 9%, and overpayment periods starting from 7 years and up to 9 years.

Winter New Alamein Resort 

The New Generation Real Estate Company has launched one of its latest mega-urban projects, Winter Resort. It is a high-end, full-service tourist resort designed specifically for those looking for luxury and comfort. It includes many elements of beauty, starting from the location and designs, through services and facilities, to the fantastic prices and excellent payment plans.

One of the most important advantages of Winter Resort is its presence in the heart of the North Coast, which is one of the most beautiful coastal cities, characterized by its mild climate most days of the year, and includes within it industrial and residential areas, in addition to all service areas, roads, and axes, which increases the demand of customers for it.

In the interest of the developer company to satisfy its customers by announcing ideal prices for all units in various spaces, and flexible and varied payment methods that suit everyone so that each investor can choose what is in line with his capabilities and installments over the longest possible period.

The geographical location of Winter Resort and its most important advantages 

The geographical location of any investment project is of great importance to customers, so the developer company has built the architectural masterpiece Winter New Alamein on the northern coast, specifically in the new city of El Alamein, allowing them to be close to all high-end cities, prominent landmarks, vital arteries, and service areas, in addition to the most important roads and main axes. and others.

Among the most important features of Winter Resort location is its presence near both of the following:

  • Winter Resort is directly overlooking the front of the New Alamein Towers.
  • Winter New Alamein Resort is located on the main streets with a length of 45 square meters, 60 square meters, and 90 square meters.
  • The distance between New Winter El Alamein Resort and El Alamein Airport is about a few minutes.
  •  Winter New Alamein Resort is located in close proximity to high-end coastal resorts such as Nord Resort and Lever Resort in New Alamein.

Features that are unique to Winter New Alamein Resort 

If you are a fan of luxury and distinction and want to spend an enjoyable summer vacation with your children, you should book your unit inside Winter New Alamein’s architectural masterpiece, which was designed according to the highest international quality standards under the supervision of the group of the most qualified experts and engineering consultants, and it was also provided with many exceptional and unparalleled benefits. Among the most important are the following:

  • The developer of Winter Resort provided most of the resort’s area with green landscapes with stunning landscapes, including gardens and parks for more luxury and stability.
  • To increase the aesthetic view within the resort, there are crystal lagoons and artificial lakes distributed among green areas emitting pure turquoise water with charming landscapes.
  • Many safety measures were used to maintain the safety of the residents in the resort, represented by the installation of modern television surveillance cameras everywhere, and electronic gates, in addition to a group of trained security forces at the highest level to guard the entrances and exit working 24 hours a day without interruption.
  •  A group of swimming pools with innovative designs with all spaces, depths, and sizes within Winter Resort to suit all ages for more recreation and luxury.
  • Winter El Alamein New Resort is based on a smart infrastructure with all kinds of service facilities that guests need, such as drinking water, sewage, electricity cables, and others.
  • The developer has found innovative solutions to get rid of overcrowding by constructing large garages that can accommodate the largest number of guest cars to prevent pollution and preserve the urban look of the indoor units.
  • Inside Winter New Alamein, central air conditioning in all units so that guests can sit in a suitable and moderate atmosphere.

Services available within Winter New Alamein 

The New Winter El Alamein Resort is more than just a tourist resort, it is an icon of magnificence and one of the most important architectural masterpieces that were implemented in the city of El Alamein and provided with all the unique advantages that customers are looking for, including countless high-quality basic and recreational services, as follows:

  • Winter Tourist Resort includes a commercial area with commercial malls and multi-purpose stores with all kinds of consumer goods and international and local brands such as bags, shoes, cosmetics, etc. that suit all tastes for more luxury.
  • There is a group of restaurants designed with exquisite decorations and elegant cafes, in which high-quality services are provided that suit all those with good taste.
  • Well-secured tracks and paths away from the main road for cars, where you can practice walking, running, and cycling, in addition to the possibility of practicing yoga and meditation exercises in the open air for more luxury and pleasure.
  • The internal principles are equipped with a group of modern electronic elevators so that guests can easily access their units for more comfort and luxury.
  • Winter El Alamein Resort provides periodic cleaning services and maintenance centers to detect faults and repair them, operating throughout the week without interruption.
  • Taking care of the welfare of children through the implementation of the Kids Area, which includes all safe games and fun recreational activities suitable for their ages, so that they can spend the most enjoyable times in pleasure and luxury within Winter El Alamein.
  • Winter El Alamein New Resort contains various sports fields with places designated for playing various recreational games such as football and volleyball, in addition to tennis courts for more entertainment and enjoyment.
  • An integrated health resort with sauna, spa, and jacuzzi rooms, in addition to beauty centers for more luxury and relaxation within Winter Resort.
  • And for everyone who wants to take care of their physical fitness, there are gyms in Winter Resort equipped at the highest level with all the advanced devices and equipment under the supervision of a group of the most efficient trainers specialized in the field of physical education.
  • Halls are designated for holding meetings and conferences, in addition to places for organizing weddings and family events.
  • In Winter in El Alamein, there are areas among green areas to organize barbecues and outdoor dining.
  • A large mosque that can accommodate the largest number of guests to perform religious rituals without the need to leave the property.

Units’ spaces and types within Winter New Alamein Resort

The new Winter El Alamein Resort was implemented on an area of ​​37 acres and distributed by the developer company, where green areas, water bodies, and service facilities of various kinds occupy approximately 88% of the total plot of land, and the remaining 12% are occupied by construction buildings of various sizes.

Winter New Alamein tourist resort includes five-story internal buildings with a distinguished group of luxurious chalets with innovative designs in various spaces, as follows:

  • There are chalets on the ground floor, with an area starting from 57 square meters up to 105 square meters.
  • A group of chalets on the upper floors, with space, starting from 57 square meters up to 130 square meters.

Price plans and payment systems available within the New Winter Alamein Resort

The developer company announced a package of the best and ideal competitive prices for all units of various sizes, in addition to the huge amount of recreational and basic features and services that can be used on a large scale. The unit price is determined according to its area, types, and location within the resort, and here are the details in the next few lines: 

  • The price of luxury chalets in Winter Resort, located on the ground floor, ranges from 2,337,000 EGP up to 4,410,000 EGP.
  • While the chalets on the upper floors often range in price from 2,280,000 EGP up to 4,940,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems provided by the developer company, they are highly flexible and versatile to suit all segments of customers and investors, as follows:

  • The customer can pay 5% as a contract down payment, then pay 5% after two months as a second payment, and 5% at the time of receipt, and the rest of the amount is paid over 7 years in equal installments without interest.
  • The customer pays 6% as a reservation down payment, then 6% after two months as a second payment, then pays 8% at the time of receipt, and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 8 years in equal installments without interest.
  • The investor pays a reservation down payment of 9% of the value of the unit, then pays 9% in a second payment after two months have passed, and also pays 5% in a third payment after a year has passed, and pays 9% upon delivery, and pays the remaining amount of its price over 9 years.
  • According to what the real estate developer said, the units will be delivered with a full finishing system within three years from the date of writing the contract.
  • A maintenance deposit of 7% is paid.
  • In the event that the customer pays the price of the unit in cash, 20% of its price will be deducted.

The real estate developer of Winter New Alamein Resort

New Generation Real Estate Development Company, resulting from the merger of Emirates Misr Real Estate Company and Cairo Capital Real Estate Development Company and is considered one of the most important leading institutions in the field of real estate.

The developer company has won the trust of many clients and investors through urban projects designed in accordance with all international quality standards that it has implemented, and all its units have been delivered with the same specifications that were mentioned in the contract, and among its most prominent works are the following:

  • Liver New Alamein Resort.
  • Botanica Compound, the new administrative capital.