Suli Golf Residence

Project Brief

Project nameSuli Golf Compound.
About the Project It is one of the most important and newest projects of UC Real Estate Company in the New Administrative Capital, which was keen to establish it with the latest designs and its advantage in a wonderful location close to all the main and important axes, as it has all basic and recreational facilities and services.
Suli Golf Location It is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, in the eighth residential neighborhood, R8.
Compound space26 acres.
Unit typesapartments – duplexes.
Units Spacestarts from 155 square meters.
Units price in Sulithe price starts from 1,782,500 EGP
The company that owns Suli Golfis UC Real Estate Development Company.
Payment planA 10% reservation downpayment is paid, and the rest of the amount can be paid in installments over periods of up to 7 years.

Real estate developer and former business

UC Real Estate Company is one of the purchases that worked for many years in the field of development and architectural construction and was able to provide the customer with a large number of needs that make his life better than before, and one of the basic advantages that the developer company was keen on is access to a large number of services that facilitate human life A life of greater luxury and a great deal of comfort. 

UC Real Estate owns a business newspaper that it was able to establish in about 20 full years, which makes it possess great experience in construction and reach a greater number of customers by achieving a lot of something that makes life better for them and keeping them away from the hustle and bustle of the city and living in a place that carries many distinctive factors that make Residence is better in these projects, and it also chose one of the distinctive new cities for its projects, which is the New Administrative Capital. 

Previous works of UC Real Estate: 

  • East Tower Mall, the new administrative capital.
  • Uni Tower, the new administrative capital.
  • Work on the implementation of more than one project on the 6th of October, New Cairo, and the Fifth Settlement.

Suli Golf Residence

Suli Golf Residence Compound, New Administrative Capital, is one of the recent projects that UC Real Estate Company has worked on, and it is one of the advanced works that the company was keen to launch as soon as possible, and it has integrated facilities and services in order to make living in it better. 
Suli golf Residence has more than one important feature, including its presence in the New Capital, and the existing units vary in order to make your choice easier for what suits you. And the necessary details for you… so follow us 

Suli Golf Residence Compound location 

There is nothing more beautiful than finding a suitable place for you and your family, and it puts in your hands everything you dream and want and more and also provides you with a lively and beautiful life in which there are features and services that make your stay in the place better and make you live in greater comfort and enjoy your precious moments. 

Suli Golf Residence Compound is a name that guarantees you to live in luxury and great pleasure and get a large number of features that contribute to improving the lives of you and your family. In this new project, UC Real Estate has taken care of its huge work to provide it with a strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is considered A significant competitive advantage in Suli Golf. 

The new capital is one of the major stations that the state has paid attention to in the recent period and has worked to construct it with the best technologies and modern engineering designs that contribute to making the city in the best condition and also allow its residents greater opportunities to live in a place that provides them with means of comfort and luxury as well as basic services that guarantee them better standard of living. 

The developer of Suli Golf Residence Compound chose its location in the eighth residential neighborhood “R8”, meaning that the place is located close to more than one axis and the main road, including the central axis: 

In this paragraph, you will find more information about Suli Golf location and the safety areas near it, as follows: 

  • Suli Golf is located in the eighth residential neighborhood, specifically in plot “03”. 
  • The compound can be easily reached through the regional ring road and also the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • There is a short distance between Suli Golf, the administrative capital, and the famous Al-Massa Hotel. 
  • There are also some kilometers separating Suli Golf from the largest park in the capital, Green River Park. 
  • Suli Golf is located 5 minutes from the government district.
  • Suli Golf Compound is the new capital near the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • As for the new monorail station and the Downtown area, it is located a short distance from Suli Golf. 
  • There are some other projects in the vicinity of the project, including Light City Compound, the Administrative Capital, Muraya Compound, the New Capital, and Kardia Compound, the Administrative Capital.

The developer was able to choose a unique location in the New Administrative Capital, which makes Suli Golf Compound a truly unique place that allows you to live comfortably in all aspects.  

It is important to enjoy the beauty in all corners of Suli Golf Residence, the Administrative Capital, in which you live, and you can find the comfort and tranquility you want, and also find some advantages that help you enjoy and live the required luxurious life, so UC Real Estate has worked to construct one of its latest projects In the New Capital, which is Suli Golf Residence Compound, the Administrative Capital. 

The developer has excelled in designing the place in a modern architectural style that allows the residents different colors of happiness and guarantees them the privacy necessary for comfortable living. The interior designs have also been designed to include many details for your comfort and help you see the beauty in the place of green spaces and large gardens. 

Among the distinctive things that have been worked on in Suli Golf, the Administrative Capital is the allocation of the largest area for green areas and the widening of the spaces between the units so that all residents can enjoy this wonderful aesthetic view every morning, and there is also one of the largest golf courses in the New Capital in Suli Golf Compound. It is about 4 full acres. 

Features of Suli Golf, the Administrative Capital 

The place was not devoid of the many advantages provided by the developer company in Suli Golf Residence in order to make you find everything you need and more in one place and help you start a different, more lively, and luxurious life and thus enjoy special times in which there are many details that contribute to building a more comfortable and different atmosphere. In fact. 

Below are many of the advantages offered by UC in Suli Golf Residence Compound, the administrative capital: 

  • The location is the beginning of excellence in the place because it has a great deal of difference being in the eighth residential neighborhood, which makes access to it easier because it overlooks more than one main road, including the central axis and the Mohammed bin Zayed axis. 
  • In the vicinity of the compound, there are more than one residential and commercial project and many recreational places, in addition to it overlooking the beautiful Green River Park. 
  • The company chose Suli Golf a distinctive architectural design that resembles the European style design, which makes the residents enjoy great enjoyment and comfort inside the place. 
  • It was also taken care that Suli Golf Residence has large areas of green areas that relax the eye and make the person feel more calm and serene. 
  • There is also a golf course of about 16,800 square meters dedicated to a golf course that is one of the largest in the capital as a whole. 
  • There is also more than one artificial lake that was designed in harmony with the various spaces and units located in the place. 
  • Diversity in residential units in terms of space and type, so that the choice is easier for the customer to reach what he wants.  

Suli Golf Residence services 

There is more than one service and facility provided in Suli Golf Residence Compound, the administrative capital, which primarily works to make the place more distinctive and has better capabilities and helps to make the project more integrated for the population. In this paragraph, we present to you the features of the compound, which are as follows: 

  • Suli Golf has more than one swimming pool suitable for many ages that can enjoy this beauty in the project. 
  • The compound has garages that are designed to ensure great safety in the place, and also that the residents’ cars do not cause any congestion or crowding. 
  • In order for Suli Golf to be more secure, an integrated insurance system has been provided that provides more opportunities for residents to live a life of peace and tranquility. 
  • The compound includes more than one entrance to facilitate movement to and from the place. 
  • Suli Golf has a large commercial area with a large number of shops and restaurants that work around the clock to serve you. 
  • In Suli Golf Compound, the administrative capital, there are seating areas overlooking the picturesque landscapes that have been worked on in the place. 
  • In addition, there is an integrated shopping mall that provides residents with basic and recreational needs that make their lives more comfortable in the project. 
  • In order for the residents to live in great luxury, the compound has a large recreational area suitable for adults and children. 
  • In order to practice your daily sport on a larger lake, Suli golf Residence has a large gymnasium equipped with the best modern equipment that makes a person enjoy exercising.
  • There is more than one playground in the project that is suitable for many different sports, in order to better enjoy your time in the place. 
  • Technology takes up a large space in the compound to live in a place that keeps up with the developments of the times, so the place has areas designated for charging electric cars.  
  • The compound contains paths in the middle of the large landscape in it so that you can enjoy your morning exercise in this wonderful beauty. 
  • A golf area on a large area, and it is one of the largest courses in the New Capital. 

The space and types of units in Suli Golf New Capital 

One of the features that the developer company worked to provide in Suli Golf Residences is the total area of ​​the place, which amounts to 26 acres, which is equivalent to about 109,200 square meters, and it was able, with a distinctive design, to take advantage of all the spaces in the place in order to be integrated and have more than one important service for the residents that allows them An opportunity to live in peace amidst all the possibilities that make their lives better. 

In Suli Golf, there is great interest in the distinctive landscapes that make living in the place better, more relaxing, and enjoying your surroundings. The construction rate in Suli Golf, the New Administrative Capital, occupies only about 20% of the total area, while the remaining area, which represents 80% of the project, is Dedicated to landscapes and gardens that harmonize beautifully with lakes and swimming pools in the compound. 

The existing units vary in terms of type and space as well. There are apartments and duplexes in the compound, which vary in the space offered, and therefore you can choose from the best in terms of design and space, and certainly at distinctive competitive prices in a place that brings everything close to you. 

The units’ spaces in Suli Golf Residences, the Administrative Capital, are as follows: 

  • The apartment space starts from 155 square meters up to 215 square meters. 
  • The duplex space in Suli Golf, the New Capital starts from 229 square meters up to 334 square meters. 
  • The place has about 4 full acres dedicated to the golf course and it is one of the largest courses in the capital.  

The developer worked on constructing the compound with the best modern technologies that make life easier for you in the project and provide a greater opportunity for you and your family to live an atmosphere of luxury continuously and find a safe place in which there are many colors of relaxation and enjoyment for adults and children as well. 

Prices and payment systems in Suli Golf Residence New Administrative Capital 

Suli Golf, the Administrative Capital, is one of the names that shone in the sky of real estate within the capital since it was announced by UC Real Estate Company, which worked very hard to make the project a great integration, and also its residential units harmonize with the picturesque natural spaces and give a wonderful shape that makes the residents enjoy different types of beauty and comfort. in the project. 

The owner company has also sought greatly to provide customers with more than one advantage and service in the place in order to allow them to live a better life amidst everything they need and more, which makes them feel the true meaning of a life of safety and comfort, and it has not overlooked the prices and payment systems that work to help customers. In owning their unit faster. 

Below is complete information about the prices offered by the developer regarding Suli Golf Residence: 

  • The price per meter in the compound starts from 9,750 EGP. 
  • Apartment prices start from 1,782,500 EGP. 
  • Apartment prices start from 3,140,000 EGP. 
  • The units are delivered semi-finished so that you have the freedom to choose the finishes that suit what you want. 

Prices contribute to attracting residents to the compound, due to what the developer company has worked on to provide very distinctive and competitive prices compared to what prevails in the New Capital. 

Payment systems are located in Suli Golf Administrative Capital

The excellence of the place did not stand on the number of services and facilities available in it or its unique location in the eighth residential neighborhood close to several important places and roads in the New Capital, but the developer company was very keen to make the place have another competitive advantage, which is the prices and also the various payment systems that It makes owning an integrated unit in the project easy and convenient for the client. 

Below are the payment systems offered by the Al-Malikiah company in Suli Golf Residences Compound, the Administrative Capital: 

  1. UC Real Estate enabled the residents to pay a 10% downpayment and the rest of the unit value through installments over 7 years. 
  2. The customer can also pay a 15% downpayment of the unit price, pay 5% after two years of payment, and install the remaining amount over 8 years. 
  3. It is possible to pay 15% of the unit downpayment, pay 5% after one year, pay another 5% after two years, and the rest of the amount to be paid in installments over 9 years. 
  4. The customer can pay 10% of the unit price and pay the rest over a full 10 years. 
  5. The customer can also pay 25% of the unit price and pay the rest of the amount over 4 years, and there is a discount of up to 25%. 
  6. The units will be delivered semi-finished with a 63% receipt rate. 
  7. There is an 8% maintenance fee. 
  8. There are about 90,000 EGP fees for the forest and 50,000 banks for the sports club. 

The Malika company worked on delivering the units in Suli Golf New Capital in 2026, in order to start your fun journey in the place and enjoy your constant presence inside a place that allows you to practice all the activities you want with ease and comfort. 

It is important that you seize this opportunity now and start reserving your place in the compound and take advantage of the launch offers that the company provided on the occasion of the announcement of the compound. All you have to do is contact us immediately in order to get integrated housing in which you can taste a life of tranquility, luxury, and integration.