Creek Town Compound

Creek Town Compound

Project Name:Creek Town.
About the Project:It is the latest residential project by Khozam Real Estate Development in New Cairo.
Compound Location:Located in the heart of the First Settlement.
Types of Units:Ranging from apartments, villas, townhouse units, and twin houses.
Unit Spaces: Starting from 125 square meters.
Unit Prices: Starting from 2,100,000 EGP.
Owner Company: Khozam Real Estate Investment Company.
Payment Systems:5% down payment when booking the unit, the rest is paid in installments for up to 8 years.

booking your unit inside Creek town New Cairo

Creek Town is one of the largest residential projects launched recently in New Cairo, with a total investment of 3 billion pounds, which confirms that it is an integrated project that achieves the highest level of luxury for its customers, especially with its very strong infrastructure and the availability of various types of services and facilities inside.

location of Creek Town Compound New Cairo

The first thing that draws attention to Creek Town is its wonderful strategic location in the heart of the first assembly in New Cairo, so you will notice that it is surrounded by many service centers (health, educational), recreational places, and many vital areas. It is also located on the new Suez Road directly near:

  • Al-Rehab City Entrance
  • Tolip Hotel: It can be reached in a few minutes.
  • Fifth Settlement: It can be reached within a third of an hour.
  • Family Park: Reachable (by car) in five minutes or less.

Creek Town New Cairo space

The engineering designs of the project, executed by Engineer Hani Saad, fascinate everyone who sees it because of its luxury, its extreme sophistication, and the genius division of its space of 100 acres, where the residential units occupy only 20% of them, while the largest percentage of 80% is the share of green spaces, beautiful decorations, and multiple facilities.

The compound provides its customers with almost all types of residential units, so it has been divided into three phases, as its units vary between independent apartments, twin houses, townhouses, standalone villas, and duplexes, knowing that they are divided as follows:

  • 70% of the space of Creek Town allocated for buildings includes 600 villas, twin houses, and townhouses, noting that the number of villas alone is only 80 villas.
  • The remaining 30% includes a thousand housing units, including a duplex, a ground floor with a garden, and a penthouse.

Units Spaces

The spaces of the residential units vary in a way that ensures the satisfaction of all customers and provides their various needs, the available spaces are:

  • The spaces of standalone apartments start from 125 m² up to 160 m², knowing that apartments whose areas range from 125 to 135 m² include two bedrooms, while those whose areas range from 150 to 160 m² include three bedrooms, the ground apartments have a garden. Especially for its residents.
  • The minimum space for the townhouse is 200 m².
  • The minimum space for a twin house within Creek Town is 275 m².
  • The minimum space for duplexes and penthouses is 200 m².
  • Villas spaces start from 350 m² up to 400 m².

Creek Town Compound New Cairo Design

The high-end design of the compound ensures that it is not crowded with cars and provides a quiet and clean atmosphere for its residents, especially that its buildings consist of only three or four floors, in addition to living in luxurious units with a charming view of the most beautiful green spaces and the most wonderful artificial lakes.

It is worth noting that the residents of the units will not suffer from any noise at all and will enjoy a wonderful atmosphere inside their units, due to the spread of green spaces in the spaces between the different units.

Services and Features of Creek Town Compound

Whatever thing you are looking to get, you will find it already available inside the compound because it is an integrated project that works on the comfort and well-being of its residents by providing many services and facilities for them, such as:

  • Security and guarding services at all times to ensure the safety of all residents.
  • Surveillance cameras ensure a greater degree of security, especially as they work around the clock.
  • A commercial area that occupies ten acres, as it includes a large shopping mall, luxury stores, and major stores in order to provide all purposes to the residents.
  • Educational and entertaining services for children residing in Creek Town, represented by nurseries and fun play areas specially equipped to keep them entertained.
  • A commercial and administrative area built on 10 acres to provide all customers’ needs, knowing that it directly overlooks the Suez Road.
  • Areas prepared to enjoy walking, running, and cycling amidst the picturesque nature, to keep the residents entertained at all times.
  • Distinguished medical services and pharmacies are open 24 hours in anticipation of any emergency cases, so residents will not need to leave it in such cases.
  • Distinguished restaurants and large cafés worthy of the high social level of the population and provide integrated services to ensure the satisfaction of all customers.
  • A group of modern health centers and facilities, in addition to the gym, jacuzzi, and spa with the latest equipment and devices.
  • A sports area for fans of various sports, with a group of fully equipped playgrounds.
  • The Club House is spread over a large area so that the residents of Creek Town can relax in a very wonderful atmosphere that enables them to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and feel relaxed.
  • A social sports club where families and friends can spend fun times, because it provides the opportunity to practice different activities thanks to its various facilities, and there is another large club for more entertainment for the residents.
  • A green patch over a large space in order to give distinctive touches to the exterior design of the place in addition to reflecting a wonderful atmosphere inside the units.
  • Water bodies with wonderful designs and varied, represented by artificial lakes and swimming pools, which are not only recreational places but also enhance the feeling of psychological calm for the residents.
  • Beautiful gardens and places to picnic and sit in the middle of the charming nature so that the residents can break the daily routine and entertain themselves at any time.
  • Secured parking garages are available to all residents who wish to benefit from them, and are distinguished by their proximity to all residential units to facilitate access for everyone.
  • An exquisitely designed mosque goes well with being a place of worship and is easily accessible to all residents.
  • A swimming pool for children so that they can enjoy bathing in it in complete safety without any worries about them.
  • A balcony (balcony) with wonderful views and decorations, so that residents of Creek Town can enjoy breathing in the fresh air and seeing the charming nature.
  • Pets are available inside the compound, so residents will not have to leave them in places far from them.
  • A wonderful view of the Landmark gives the compound a special character that distinguishes it from many other residential projects.

Creek Town Khozam prices

What you will get is much more than what you will pay when booking a unit inside the compound because it offers attractive prices for its units despite a large number of its services and the diversity of its advantages, which prompted many customers to hurry to book units inside it, especially with the prices varying as follows:

  • The minimum price for 2-bedroom apartments is 2,100,000 EGP.
  • The minimum price for 3-bedroom apartments is 2,600,000 EGP.
  • The minimum price for duplexes and penthouses is estimated at 3,500,000 EGP.
  • The price of the townhouse is 5 million EGP as a minimum.
  • The price of a twin house is 7 million EGP as a minimum.
  • Standalone villas are the most expensive, with a minimum price of 10 million EGP.

Payment methods in Creek Town First Settlement

The payment phase in Creek Town will certainly be one of the easiest stages for the buyer, unlike many other projects.

This is due to the special facilities that allow you to pay a reservation down payment of only 5% of the unit price and then pay the rest of its value in equal installments over 8 years.

The customer will not need huge amounts of money to reserve his apartment, but he can pay only 50 thousand pounds (minimum) to reserve the apartment, 100 thousand pounds (minimum) to reserve the villa, knowing that the contract takes precedence over the reservation.

The compound is scheduled to be delivered within three years, provided that fully finished apartments and duplexes will be delivered to customers, while the villas will be semi-finished with the possibility of being fully finished if the customer so desires.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

Although the creek town project is the second project of Khozam Developments that owns it, it was able to implement it on a global basis capable of competing with the most luxurious compounds, due to being a subsidiary of a huge entity, namely, Khozam Group, with more than 55 years of experience, where Its origin goes back to 1960 when it was founded by Helmy Khozam.

It is natural for Khozam Developments to have a great reputation in the Egyptian real estate market as it is part of an entity that was originally known for many years, in addition to its administrative structure that includes the most qualified and experienced human cadres, they are Nader Khozam, Chairman of the Board, Dalia Mowaffak, General Manager, Mohamed El-Khodari Head of Marketing Sector.

The company’s march in the Egyptian real estate market is a continuous series of successes that it started with Go Heliopolis Project, which is one of the most luxurious residential compounds established in Heliopolis, and its achievements are still continuing now.