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Mountain View 1 Extension Compound In the Fifth Settlement

Unveiling the Mountain View 1 Extension Compound In the Fifth Settlement: A Glimpse into Modern Living

Step into a realm of grandeur with the Mountain View 1 Extension, a coveted residential gem conceived by DMG. As they say, history has a beautiful way of repeating itself.

Location Highlights of Mountain View 1 Extension:

  • Mountain View 1 Extension boasts its stature as a premier gated community in New Cairo.
  • Spread over an expansive 37 Feddans, it echoes the legacy of its forerunner, Mountain View 1.
  • Adjoining its predecessor, Mountain View 1 Extension offers seamless connectivity via the ring road.
  • A mere 15-minute drive, and you’ll find yourself at the doorstep of the renowned AUC.

Features That Set Mountain View 1 Extension Apart:

As a successor to Mountain View 1, this luxurious abode promises a life of unparalleled amenities:

  • Exclusive Clubhouse
  • Refreshing Indoor and Outdoor Pools
  • State-of-the-Art Tennis Court
  • Rejuvenating Health Club
  • Sprawling Sports Grounds
  • Cutting-Edge Business Center
  • Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Convenient Market
  • Serene Mosque
  • Scenic Waterfalls and Lakes
  • Exquisite Beach and Green Valleys
  • Kids-friendly Playground
  • Aesthetic Fountain
  • Paved Jogging Track
  • Elegant Pergolas

For those scouring for an “Apartment for sale in Fifth Settlement” or a “Duplex for sale in Fifth Settlement”, Mountain View 1 Extension presents a plethora of options tailored to your tastes. Moreover, if you’re on the hunt for a lavish “Villa for sale in Fifth Settlement”, this compound is your idyllic stop.

Experience Community Living Redefined at Mountain View:

Mountain View isn’t merely a compound; it’s a haven for like-minded souls who treasure similar values. It’s the epitome of what you’ve strived for, a sanctuary encapsulating purity, tranquility, romance, health, and the essence of community. At Mountain View 1 Extension Compound In the Fifth Settlement, history isn’t just remembered; it’s relived.