Vera Mostakbal City

Project Name VARE
About The Project The Vera project is characterized by its unique design, in which every detail has been carefully chosen to provide comfort and luxury to the residents. The residential units are designed with the best international standards and provide spacious spaces and high-quality services. In addition, the compound provides many amenities such as swimming pools, health clubs, and green areas. And thanks to suitable unit prices and flexible payment.
Vera site In the heart of Mostakbal City.
Project Area 20 acres.
Unit types villas
starting prices 6,000,000 EGP
Units space The units’ spaces vary to suit all customers’ needs.
Developer Ardak Group Real Estate Company.
Payment methods The customer pays a down payment of 290,000, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over periods of up to 9 years.

Vare Mostakbal City

Ardic Real Estate Development Company has launched its latest giant residential project, Vera Al Mostakbal City, which is a high-end, integrated urban community that has been implemented in accordance with all international quality standards and contains many distinctive services and facilities.

The geographical location of the Vera Mostakbal City project comes on top of all the advantages available within it, as it is located in the heart of Mostakbal City, which is one of the most vital areas that include all service areas and vital arteries. Customers are welcome from everywhere.

The developer company has offered a package of the best competitive prices for all units of various sizes to suit all segments of investors, in addition to flexible and various payment methods, and for more details related to the Vera project, you must continue reading the following article.

Vera Compound’s geographical location and its most important features

The strategic location of any residential architectural edifice is one of the first features that the investor searches for and represents great importance, so the real estate developer was keen to select a vital area for the construction of the Vera Compound, and it is located specifically in the heart of the future city, which makes it close to many vital arteries and all service areas, the most prominent of which Come:

The residential complex is located in Vera Al Mostakbal City, close to all important roads and axes, which makes it easy to reach to and from it.

Vare is located close to schools, universities, and hospitals.

Features available within Vera Mostakbal City Compound

The real estate developer has implemented vera mostakbal city with the highest international quality standards with the help of a group of engineers and experts in the field of architecture, in addition to providing it with many unique exceptional advantages that make it a golden opportunity for investment, the most important of which are the following:

Paying attention to the aesthetic appearance by allocating a large area of the plot of land for the implementation of landscapes, including parks with stunning landscapes that bring peace and tranquility to the soul.

Artificial lakes with charming landscapes emitting crystal waters with charming views that add a wonderful civilized view to the indoor units.

Vera contains all the means of security, represented by modern television surveillance cameras and electronic gates, in addition to the presence of a group of highly trained guards to secure the entrances and exits 24 hours a day without interruption.

Large area surgeries that can accommodate the largest number of customers’ cars to eliminate congestion in front of the internal buildings and maintain the general aesthetic appearance of them.

The architectural designs of the vera mostakbal city project look very sophisticated and modern, and the interior units are in harmony with the charming nature for more luxury and luxury.

A smart infrastructure with all kinds of facilities and services that customers need, such as drinking water, sewage, electricity, internet wires, and others.

Within Fira, the real estate developer provided a group of swimming pools equipped at the highest level, varying in depths and spaces, to suit all age groups for more privacy and comfort.

Services available within vera mostakbal project

The developer has made great efforts so that its residential project is the most optimal and most distinctive and unique from other urban communities surrounding it by providing everything that customers need within it in terms of high-quality recreational and basic services, the most important of which are the following:

Within the Vera Mostakbal City compound, there is a group of luxurious restaurants and distinctive cafes, designed at the highest level, providing excellent services that suit all those with good taste.

The vera architectural edifice includes inside it a commercial area with malls that contain a number of multi-purpose stores that provide all kinds of goods and services, in addition to the highest international brands that suit all tastes.

Halls equipped with the latest sound and display equipment that can accommodate the largest number of businessmen to hold meetings and conferences, in addition to areas designated for organizing weddings and family events.

State-of-the-art gym units with all modern equipment and advanced equipment for those who wish to take care of their physical fitness under the supervision of a group of experts in the field of physical education.

An area designed in an elegant style for those who wish to perform the five daily prayers.

The real estate developer took care of the children by implementing a distinctive Kids Area with all safe games and recreational activities appropriate for their age so that they can spend the most enjoyable times with their colleagues.

Inside vera mostakbal city, there are maintenance centers with a group of the most efficient workers to detect possible faults in the units and repair them, in addition to the presence of periodic cleaning services that operate throughout the day.

There is also a full-service spa in Vera Mostakbal City with sauna units, a spa house, and a jacuzzi, so that customers can have a great deal of relaxation.

An international sports club with a group of playgrounds with distinctive games such as football, tennis, volleyball, and others for more luxury.

Wide tracks and paths for those wishing to practice walking, running and cycling away from the public road for cars for more safety.

Wide yards in the middle of the landscape to hold barbecues for more entertainment and recreation.

Units’ spaces and types in Vera Mostakbal City

The Vera residential complex was implemented on an area of 20 acres, and the developer company distributed it in an innovative and harmonious way, 85% for green areas, artificial lakes, and service facilities, and the remaining 15% is occupied by construction buildings of various sizes.

The prestigious architectural edifice, Vera Mostakbal City, includes a group of 184 separate villas with distinctive decorations, of varying sizes, so that the customer can choose what suits his capabilities.

Price plans and payment systems available within the Vera Mostakbal City Compound

If you are a fan of luxury and beauty and want to live in a vital area surrounded by all health, educational and governmental services, you should book your unit within the Compound of Dreams Vera in the heart of Mostakbal City, and enjoy the huge amount of amenities and basic and recreational services provided by it at competitive prices that suit everyone.

The price of the units within the project is determined according to their area, types, and location, and the price per meter for standalone villas in Mostakbal City starts from 21,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems offered by the developer company, they are flexible and suitable for a large segment of customers and senior businessmen, as follows:

The customer can pay a contract down payment of 290,000 Egyptian pounds from the value of the unit and the remaining amount of its price via installments over 9 years in equal installments without interest.

Real estate developer

Ardic Real Estate Development Company, the owner of the Vera Mostakbal City project, has been seeking since its inception to develop the concept of luxury through its residential projects designed in the latest style and conforming to all international quality standards.

Ardic’s main motto is mastery and dedication to work to provide high-quality services to all its customers with the same specifications agreed upon in the terms of the contract, competitive prices, and various and flexible payment plans that suit a large number of customers.

The developer owns a range of high-end residential projects with high investment rates, the most important of which are the following:

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