Montenapoleone Compound

Project NameMontenapoleone.
About the ProjectThe compound enjoys high-end Italian-style designs and is located in the heart of Mostakbal City in New Cairo.
Project LocationThe project is located in the heart of Mostakbal City.
Total Project SpaceA huge land space with a total of 1,309 units.
Unit TypesUnits range from apartments to villas and duplex units.
Unit SpacesApartment spaces start at 53 square meters.
Real Estate Developer Name:Reportage Real Estate Company.
Payment Methods10% Downpayment over 8 years

Montenapoleone: Italian Luxury Project on Egyptian Territory

Montenapoleone is the first project by Reportage Real Estate in Egypt, which has chosen a special place in the heart of Mostakbal City in New Cairo, a luxurious Italian-style residential resort with exquisite designs inspired by Monte Napoleone Street in Milan, Italy. In this project, you’ll find all the elements of luxury that make it a strong beginning for the company in Egypt, which is in line with the vision of the Egyptian government in building modern and upscale urban communities in smart cities with integrated services.

Montenapoleone Location

Reportage Properties has chosen a prime location for its first project in Egypt, which is why Montenapoleone Compound is located in Mostakbal City. This location enjoys the following benefits: 

  • Location is close to the New Administrative Capital and the express train station.
  • Located close to the lively Teseen Street, it is also about 20 minutes from the American University headquarters.
  • Only 20 minutes away from Rehab City.
  • About 15 minutes away from Shorouk City.
  • Madinaty is just 10 minutes from Monte napoleone Mostakbal City.
  • Cairo International Airport is accessible in under 15 minutes.
  • The New Capital Airport is about 16 minutes away.
  • It takes about 10 minutes to reach Al Masa Hotel and the Downtown area in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Sixty Iconic Tower, the Administrative Capital, is just 7 minutes from the project.
  • Very close to the neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital, especially the Ministries District, which is only 10 minutes away.

Available Montenapoleone Mostakbal City Space

This large project is divided so that about 74% of its land space is reserved for green spaces, playgrounds, and recreational services. The remaining space is allocated to residential buildings and facilities.

Montenapoleone includes nine residential buildings and a total of approximately 1,309 residential units. Residential units are available in many forms, including duplexes and private apartments with 1 to 4 bedrooms, there’s also a significant number of luxury villas and stylish modern houses. In total, there’s nine residential buildings, 391 townhouse units, and 918 apartments. 

Below, you’ll find a summary of the most important specifications of units and buildings:

  • Each residential building consists of an underground floor, a ground floors and six upper floors topped with roofs, for a total height of about 22.4 meters.
  • 1-bedroom “Junior” residential units are available with spaces ranging from 53 square meters to 58 square meters.
  • 1-bedroom units are available in 68 square meters.
  • 2-bedroom apartments ranging from 75 square meters to 92 square meters.
  • There are 3-bedroom apartments with spaces starting from 82 square meters and up to 119 square meters.
  • 1-bedroom duplex apartments range in size from 107 square meters to about 162 square meters.
  • 2-bedroom duplex units with spaces from 114 square meters and up to 168 square meters.
  • Loft units are available in spaces between 132 square meters and 264 square meters. 4-bedroom loft units are available with spaces starting from 251 square meters.
  • Townhouse units consist of a ground floor, 2 upper floors, and a roof, for a total height of up to 9.6 meters.
  • The 3-bedroom townhouse measures about 218 square meters.
  • The 4-bedroom townhouse starts at 218 square meters.

Unit Specifications and Facilities

 Apartments enjoy a large number of services, the most important of which are the following:

  • Each apartment is equipped with kitchen cabinets and dining surfaces.
  • Modern designs for terraces and balconies.
  • There are parking spaces and garages for each apartment building.
  • Fully-covered bathrooms, there’s also guest bathrooms.
  • Buildings equipped with fiber optics for fast Internet access.
  • Separate air conditioning is available.
  • There are bathtubs and a shower with a handle in each bathroom

The townhouses also have luxurious designs, finishes and specifications as follows:

  • Kitchens are equipped with dining surfaces and kitchen cabinets.
  • Balconies and terraces with luxurious designs.
  • Built-in lockers are available in bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms are fully covered with en suite bathrooms and guest bathrooms.
  • Units are equipped with optic fibers to ensure high Internet speed.
  • There’s separate air conditioning.
  • Bathtubs and a shower with a handle in each bathroom.
  • Each unit has a front yard and a backyard.
  • Each unit has a dedicated parking lot.
  • There is a balcony and a private terrace.

MontenapoleoneServices and Features

Monte Napoleone Mostakbal City residents will find everything they need at their fingertips, surrounded by recreational and basic services, they also get to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere away from the noise. The most important services in the compound include:

  • Spacious green spaces, gardens, and parks give all units stunning views, a comfortable atmosphere, and clean air.
  • A large shopping mall with shops and stores that offer all your favorite goods from international brands.
  • Large hypermarket provides all goods and supplies for retail.
  • Distinctive recreational facilities for adults and young people.
  • 24-hour medical services, pharmacies, and clinics.
  • A large number of cafés and restaurants offer delicious meals with high-end services.
  • Parking and garages to avoid any traffic in the compound.
  • Luxury cigar club.
  • A big clubhouse that offers a lot of entertainment services.
  • High-end squash courts.
  • Gyms for men and women and health clubs at with luxurious services.
  • A large mosque with a unique design.
  • High-end schools, nurseries, and educational services.
  • Swimming pools are distributed everywhere in the compound, some for men and others for women. There are also smaller swimming pools designed for kids.
  • Playgrounds and children’s theme parks with a variety of games.
  • Football stadiums.
  • Security and guard services are working around the clock to reassure the population.
  • Modern surveillance cameras are everywhere in the compound.

Prices and Payment Systems in Montenapoleone Project

The owner company offers the best prices to its customers, which are very reasonable compared to the quality and quantity of the services available, as well as the quality of the units themselves. The company also provides a number of convenient payment systems to make your purchase much easier. You can choose whichever payment method suits your budget.

  • 1 Room Apartment (Jonuir) Price Starts From 794,040 EGP.
  • 1 BedRoom Apartment Price Starts From 1,012,394 EGP.
  • 2 BedRooms Apartment Price Starts From 1,315,267 EGP.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment Price Starts From 1,587,934 EGP.
  • Duplexes Prices Starts From 1,553,350 To 2,413,612 EGP.
  • Townhouses Price Starts From 3,054,900 To 3,972,900 EGP.

Owner Company Portfolio

Montenapoleone project is the first project by Reportage Properties to be built on Egyptian soil. Reportage Properties is an Emirati company with a headquarters in Abu Dhabi, it is considered one of the largest real estate companies in the United Arab Emirates.

The company has more than 20 years of experience and its primary goal is to provide innovative solutions for high-end residences at an affordable price, offering homes with modern designs and comfortable details that ensure customers the highest luxury.

Reportage presents its new project in Mostakbal City in collaboration with Al Ahli Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, which also has a long experience in the field, a good reputation, and a great portfolio of work in the real estate world.

Founded in 2014 by a group of shareholders with over 30 years of experience in real estate development, Reportage is the product of a conglomerate of giants.

The company is committed to its work and delivery of its projects on time as it includes a selection of qualified contractors who have a good reputation. The company seeks to achieve important goals in all its projects, in particular flexibility, realism, and practicality. Reportage Properties’ portfolio in the UAE includes:

  • Leonardo Residence in Masdar City
  • Al Raha Lofts 1 in Al Raha Beach. 
  • Al Raha Lofts 2 in Al Raha Beach.
  • Oasis Residence 1 Masdar City.
  • Oasis Residence 2 Masdar City.
  • Al Maryah Vista on Maryah Island.
  • The Gate in Masdar City.
  • Rakan Tower in Dubai.
  • Rakan 2 Lofts in Dubai.
  • Alexis Tower in Jebel Ali.
  • Diva on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Full Details on the cheapest Townhouses for sale in Mostakbal City

To reach its latest project Montenapoleone, which is designed in the Italian style to have all the services needed by the population, also contains all the elements of success making it a unique opportunity for luxurious living and successful investment.