IL Bosco City Compound

Project Name: IL Bosco City.
About ProjectIntegrated residential compound by Misr Italia.
IL Bosco City Location: In the heart of Al Mostakbal city.
Il Bosco Mostakbal City space: 268 acres. 
Units Types: Apartments – Twin Houses – Townhouses – Penthouses – Standalone Villas.
Units space:Apartments with spaces starting from 105 m² up to 175 m², Standalone villas with spaces starting from 237 m² to 342 m², Twin houses and townhouses with a total space of 197 m², and Penthouses with a total space of 235 m².
Price per meter: starts from 10..800 EGP up to 13.333 EGP.
The Developer Name: Misr Italia.
Payment Methods: 5% booking downpayment and install the rest over 5 up to 12 years.

IL Bosco City Compound

IL Bosco City Mostakbal City has the best locations that any client searches for, in the center of Mostakbal city between the 5th Settlement and the New Administrative Capital, which extends on 11,000 acres with unprecedented infrastructure and charming execution.

ILbosco extends on 268 acres, characterized by vast green spaces, stunning landscapes, forest forms, unique trees kids, and many lakes.

IL Bosco City is one of the largest residential projects in Mostakbal city as it is the latest project of “Misr Italia”, which is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate investment and has a private vision and the new concept of modern residential life, which works with the philosophy of innovation, excellence, and creativity to provide its customers the high-end designs that keep up with the requirements of the modern era.

It is located in the heart of Al Mostakbal City of New Cairo on 268 acres.

There are many features within the project, including:

  • The residential units in the compound are designed with the latest international designs.
  • IL Bosco Executing company has also been keen to use a group of international architecting offices to execute and design the units at the highest level.
  • The company also provides more services and features that have made the compound an integrated residential compound.
  • The construction in the compound was based on green buildings, meaning that each building will be covered with greenery roof, which has proved a success in many countries.

Where does IL Bosco City Misr Italia Locate?

Misr Italia has chosen a unique location to evaluate its new project, and this is its habit of selecting the locations of its projects, which guarantees success and excellence, and the most important features of the project location include: 

  • It is located in the heart of New Cairo in one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in Al Mostakbal City.
  • A strategic location close to all the vital areas of New Cairo.
  • Located in the extension of Prime Residence New Cairo.
  • A great location close to the New Administrative Capital, the most important new development projects in Egypt.
  • You will find it located on the middle and regional ring road and the eastern ring road.
  • IL bosco city New Cairo is located in front of the famous Palm Hills Compound.
  • The compound is located along the Golden Square. 
  • Located in front of Oro La Vista compound.
  • El Bosco City is just minutes from Madinaty, one of the most popular city of new cities.
  • The location is characterized by a transport network and roads connecting it to all the neighboring cities.

Most Important Services in IL Bosco City Mostakbla City

Misr Italia is trying to outperform its competitors and present its unique masterpiece, Bosco City, which looks like a green city in the middle of the cities that surround it with the help of the largest companies specialized in decorations and architectural designs, where it has tasked with preparing the engineering designs of the project for Callison RTKL and DMA.

This fruitful collaboration has produced a project with amazing designs, services, and integrated infrastructure, which provided all the services that all the population dreams of at all ages, and the most prominent services available in the project include:

  • A large number of swimming pools with varied spaces suitable for adults, kids, and women are available, and there are also covered and uncovered swimming pools that are distributed in a balanced manner throughout the project.
  • There are a number of sports clubs for all games.
  • There are fitness lounges, saunas, spa, gym, and jacuzzi equipped with the latest devices at the highest level.
  • Attention has been paid to the existence of private safe places for walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • There are on-site health units, clinics, and medical services for all specialties.
  • There are a large number of international restaurants and cafes.
  • There are also many shopping malls, shops, and stores.
  • There is a commercial and administrative area.
  • Social and cultural clubs are provided.
  • You can celebrate in your places for private parties and barbecues.
  • The project includes meeting rooms and venues.
  • There are also educational services and international schools for all stages.
  • There are large recreational spaces for young kids.
  • The most important feature of the compound is the presence of natural forests that provide the place with a pure, pollution-free natural environment, where natural green is spread everywhere in a pleasant way for the eyes.
  • There is also a green footbridge that offers a unique bleeding experience that connects the residential area with the commercial area, it is considered an enjoyable open walk.

Units Spaces & Types

The complex is built on an area of about 270 acres, the green spaces, landscapes, and services occupy a large area of it, where the company was interested to offer its customers its project with non-traditional designs and provided it with all the factors that make it a unique resort for modern life and meets the wishes of all customers to produce a compound with high units and various spaces. 

The project area is the largest of all Mostakbal city projects, giving the opportunity for a lot of diverse services and stunning designs for the site as a whole.

The green river passes through the entire city and gives it an irresistible charm, and natural forests have been created over a large area of the project, making the compound similar to the European countryside, helping residents to relax and rest.

The company also provided residential and commercial units with different spaces and designs to suit all purposes and consistent with all customers’ tastes and desires.

The project has apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas with diverse spaces, and spaces are as follows: 

  • There are standalone villas with large, medium, and small areas, ranging from 342 square meters, 286 square meters, and 237 square meters.
  • Twin House and Townhouse units with space of 197 square meters and consist of three bedrooms.
  • The area of the apartments ranges from 140 square meters up to 175 square meters and consists of 3 bedrooms.
  • Apartments with a space ranging from 105 square meters up to 125 square meters and consist of two bedrooms.
  • The penthouses with space of 235 square meters, with a 50-square-meter roof and four bedrooms.
  • All units have a distinctive view of the Green Forest River, Landscape, and gardens.
  • The Compound also has shops, offices, and commercial units in a variety of areas suitable for all activities.

The Residential Units Prices

The price per meter starts from 13,333 Egyptian pounds knowing that the company will deduct 5% of the price per meter at the time of booking to reach the price of 10,800 Egyptian pounds and the customer will receive the discount when he pays 50,000 Egyptian pounds for the apartment, 100,000 Egyptian pounds for villa as a booking form fee.

2-rooms apartments price starts from 1.399.965 EGP up to 2,026.616 EGP.

3-rooms apartments price starts from 1.866.620 EGP up to 2.333.275 EGP.

Penthouse’s price starts from 3.133.255 EGP.

Twin house’s price starts from 2.252.601 EGP.

And also villas price starts from 3.159.921 EGP up to 4.559.886 EGP.

All units will be delivered to the client with red brick.

Payment systems for units
5% booking downpayment and install the rest over up to 12 years.

Information about The Real Estate Developer

Misr Italia is the executing company, which completed the first and second phases of the project with great success. The owner company has announced the third phase of the project during the last period.

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