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El Patio Oro Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Experience Ultimate Luxury at El Patio Oro Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Dive into the Beauty of El Patio Oro, New Cairo
Famed for its exquisite design and strategic location, El Patio Oro Compound in the Fifth Settlement stands out as an epitome of luxury and comfort.

Magnificent Water Features:
El Patio Oro’s landscape is adorned with numerous artificial lakes and swimming pools, offering residents a serene environment and breathtaking views from every angle.

Endless Entertainment Options:
The compound boasts an impressive array of entertainment facilities. From manicured gardens, state-of-the-art fitness centers to recreational and barbecue spots, there’s something for every age group.

Shop & Dine at the Strip Mall:
The strip mall in El Patio Oro offers a delightful mix of cafes, gourmet restaurants, entertainment hubs, and an array of retail outlets, providing everything you’d need just a stone’s throw away.

Unmatched Security Measures:
Safety is paramount at El Patio Oro. The compound features a robust security system with round-the-clock CCTV monitoring and a dedicated team of security professionals ensuring peace of mind for all residents.

Discover El Patio Oro – New Cairo:
Crafted by La Vista Developments, a renowned real estate pioneer, El Patio Oro spreads over 170 acres in New Cairo. Remarkably, 82% of this space is allocated to sprawling greenery, mesmerizing water bodies, and lush landscapes, while the remaining 18% houses the architectural marvels, amenities, and facilities. Among these amenities are jogging paths, underground parking, children’s playgrounds, retail outlets, an exclusive clubhouse, and vibrant entertainment zones.

A Prime Spot in New Cairo:
Nestled in the prestigious Golden Square of New Cairo, El Patio Oro’s location is unparalleled:

  • A mere 5 km from Mivida Compound.
  • Just 7 km from the American University in Cairo (AUC) Campus.
  • A short 10 km drive to the Cairo – Suez road.
  • Only 12 km away from the Ain Sokhna toll station.

Luxury Residences Awaiting You:
For those seeking an Apartment, Duplex, or Villa for sale in the Fifth Settlement, El Patio Oro offers a splendid selection of upscale apartments, penthouses, duplexes, and standalone villas, each tailored for refined tastes.

In conclusion, El Patio Oro Compound in the Fifth Settlement promises an unparalleled lifestyle, combining luxury, convenience, and security in the heart of New Cairo.