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Eastown Residence Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Discover the Elegance of Eastown Residence Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Eastown Residence: A Pinnacle of Modern Living in New Cairo

Why Eastown Residence Stands Out

  1. The Residential Spine: Serving as a distinctive pedestrian pathway, it seamlessly weaves through the heart of Eastown Residence, acting as the prime gateway to the diverse Eastown neighborhoods and its phases.
  2. Commercial & Entertainment Prowess: Dive into a world of retail and leisure at Eastown Residence. With destinations like Eastown Hub and Eastown Square, you’re never short of entertainment options.
  3. The Commercial Spine: Eastown Hub and Eastown Square, along with an array of entertainment and retail spots, are harmoniously interconnected by the Commercial Spine, making navigation a breeze.
  4. The Central Clubhouse: At the core of Eastown Residence, the clubhouse stands tall, offering sports amenities, and a diverse range of eateries and cafes for the residents to indulge in.

A Glimpse into Eastown Residence, Fifth Settlement

Developed by the renowned real estate visionary, Sodic, Eastown Residence is not just a compound; it’s a luxurious haven for families. Sprawling over 200 acres, this compound promises an unparalleled modern lifestyle, where each need is catered to with elegance.

From a state-of-the-art sports club, a bustling shopping mall, serene mosques to convenience-driven supermarkets, Eastown Residence has it all. Plus, the inclusion of office spaces, serene pedestrian pathways, electric vehicle charging points, and expansive parks and green spaces make it even more desirable.

Strategic Location of Eastown Residence

Crafted in the heart of New Cairo, Eastown Residence boasts:

  • Proximity to the AUC campus.
  • A short 15-minute drive from the Cairo – Sokhna road.
  • Merely 25 minutes from Cairo International Airport, adding to its accessibility.

Diverse Residential Units at Eastown Residence

For those searching for an apartment or duplex for sale in Fifth Settlement, Eastown Residence offers a plethora of choices. From various layouts to unique features, finding your dream home here is nothing short of a delightful journey.