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Capital Gardens Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Experience Luxurious Living at Capital Gardens Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Highlights of Capital Gardens:
Capital Gardens by Palm Hills is a testament to upscale living in the heart of New Cairo. Here’s what sets it apart:

Community Extravaganza:
With an expansive 11,500 sqm community center, the Capital Gardens Compound in the Fifth Settlement ensures that communal activities and gatherings are nothing short of spectacular.

A Green Haven:
Capital Gardens is a lush paradise, dedicating a whopping 79% of its land to verdant gardens, picturesque parks, serene pedestrian pathways, and invigorating cycling trails.

Embrace the Outdoors:
At Capital Gardens, the great outdoors isn’t just a concept, but a lifestyle. Whether it’s a sun-soaked picnic, a delightful family BBQ, or a simple stroll amidst nature, this compound promises a rejuvenating experience.

About Capital Gardens:
Crafted by the eminent real estate giant, Palm Hills Developments, Capital Gardens sprawls over 103 acres in New Cairo. This compound is where modern architectural marvel meets nature’s tranquility.

Ensuring unmatched comfort, Capital Gardens in New Cairo is replete with amenities ranging from a bustling retail area and a contemporary shopping mall to a state-of-the-art gym, luxurious spa, playful children’s zones, trendy restaurants, cozy cafes, round-the-clock security, and ample parking spaces.

Strategic Location:
Nestled in a coveted spot in New Cairo, Capital Gardens boasts:

  • A mere 20-minute drive from the 5th settlement.
  • 30 minutes to the heart of Heliopolis.
  • And, it’s conveniently close to the vibrant Madinaty.

Diverse Property Portfolio:
For those keen on an Apartment, Duplex, or even a Villa for sale in the Fifth Settlement, Capital Gardens presents a vast selection of 2500 apartments and duplexes. Each unit is crafted with distinct designs, layouts, and price points to cater to varied tastes.

In essence, Capital Gardens Compound in the Fifth Settlement offers an unparalleled blend of luxury, convenience, and nature, redefining the standards of premium living.